All-in-One VR Service

Architour is a virtual reality service catered for the AEC industry that helps architects, engineers, and construction teams visualize the design process together. Through our dedicated mobile application, we bring clients into an immersive 3D model, that becomes an essential piece to communicating design ideas.

Architour VR Headset

Multiple Users

Don’t take turns. Everyone can view the same model at the same time. Present to multiple clients, in real-time, from virtually anywhere, all within our dedicated VR application.

Real-time Audio

Guide a client through your model using your voice. With our audio communication feature, you can collaborate with and collect feedback from your clients, no matter where you are.

Any Device

With our cross platform application, we can offer premier VR experiences on the latest and most powerful desktop VR headsets, to already accessible mobile devices, so anyone with a phone can jump right in.

Immersive Experiences

Present Your Designs Like Never Before

Enhance the tools that you use to design, to better illustrate design ideas with clients. Take your CAD and BIM drawings into an immersive 3D environment everyone can understand.  We optimize your models to make them VR ready, so you can be ready to impress.

Powerful Features

Architour is more than a panoramic gallery. It’s a full 3D VR experience, built with the architect-client relationship in mind.

Pre-planned Guided Tours

Guide your clients through a pre-defined path where you can carefully curate how your model is presented.

Collect Data

A client presentation can give valuable insights into your design. See where your clients look often, and with upcoming features, replay the clients tour on your own time.


Presentation tools

Bring attention to a specific feature or guide them towards a particular area with our presentation tools. Use a laser pointer to focus attention in an area, or use your voice to showcase your model.

Full 3D environments

Don't settle for 2D images pasted into a sphere. Have fully immersive, 3D environments that offer depth, and the ability to move freely throughout the model.

We handle it all for you

Leave the Specifics to us

Don’t worry about getting your models into VR. Our industry proven modelers will hand polish and optimize your model, and create a safe, cloud hosted space where you and your clients can experience the most immersive walkthrough at any time. All we need is a model or blueprint and we will take care of the rest, so you can concentrate on great design.

Not just a product, We're Partners

We Work Alongside you, Start to Finish

Other VR solutions just offer a piece of software. With Architour, we work with you every step of the way and offer world class support with a real human. Get custom hands on collaboration with our Industry-vetted team. We cater to: architectural design collaborations, construction administration, and even get you to the point of sale with your real estate team.

Download the App

Try out Architour with our sample models. The app is compatible with any cardboard headset.

Get in Touch

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